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                    This 2019 Spring semester, I had the unique opportunity to partake in an internship program for Emmis, located in lower Manhattan. To me, every day was like an adventure. Going out of my comfort zone to open myself up to new experiences. Not knowing what I will be learning, or who I will be meeting at the station. With every new task given, I felt challenged. Whether it was looking for information, or writing articles, I always did the best I can do while learning at the same time. Through the combination of office work and job shadowing in all four departments, I’ve learned about my own strengths and weakness. Overall, this was a great experience that I could never have gotten from sitting in a classroom or reading a book. Ultimately, I’ve received great advice from Aanyiah, Shalia, Sean, Mitch, Pio, Enuff, Ms. Pat, Miabelle, Vern, Justice, Jen and many others that will help prepare me for work in this field and for that I’m forever grateful.

A special thanks to the whole Digital Department for revising and editing my articles before posting them. You guys are the best!!

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